Barbara Kaufman Comedian and Psychologist
Comedy Shrink Barbara Kaufman

Wisdom at Mid-Laugh for Women

A Signature Presentation

Dr. Barbara Kaufman is a psychologist and comedian. Her signature presentation, “Wisdom at Mid-Laugh,” is designed to inspire and entertain as she interweaves beautiful imagery, music, stories, comedy, fairy tales, dreams and mid-life wisdom by Carl Jung.

The potency of life intensifies at mid-life. There are many incredible opportunities that lie ahead. “I think about my mortality,” says Barbara. “I ask myself many questions like: will I live to be 100? Will my children visit me on weekends or only on holidays? When do I stop buying in bulk?” 

There are psychological/emotional tasks at each stage of life, and midlife is no exception. The mastery of these tasks adds to our growth and happiness. “Wisdom at Mid-Laugh” explores what those tasks are, along with their challenges and successes. Be inspired by Barbara and have fun!

Dr. Barbara Kaufman’s “Wisdom at Mid-Laugh” presentation is perfect for women’s gatherings big and small. Conferences, luncheons, birthday parties, showers, reunions, or just any reason for getting together!

Be Inspired by Barbara and Have Fun!

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